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business intelligence and oracle consultancy


artrange data have over a decade of experience in delivering innovative, best value solutions to our clients based on our expert knowledge of business intelligence and Oracle database technology. we understand that there is an art to building successful systems which goes beyond familiarity with the construction tools.

we deliver a range of technical services including:

we provide pure business intelligence consultancy, delivering consistent information from the data locked into multiple systems across your organisation. whatever systems you use we can help you unlock the information in your applications, enabling you to make better business decisions.

challenging assignments

we often assist clients with difficult projects, whether the challenge is tight deadlines, complex systems, large data volumes, integrating disparate systems or tuning code, databases or hardware. many of our performance enhancements to Oracle Applications code have been accepted into Oracles own development tree.

quality people

we know that the reputation of our company is built on the quality of our staff and partners. that is why we ensure that our people have a thorough knowledge of the tools plus a deeper understanding of good system design. we know we can only compete by delivering value through better knowledge.

Oracle Financials and Oracle Financial Analyzer Consultant Available.

varied clients

our clients range from numerous SME's to large multinationals, including Tesco Stores, Samsung, Daimler Benz, Nortel and Oracle themselves.

platform agnostic

we are happy working on any platform, including Windows, all flavours of UNIX, VMS and MVS.

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