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we realise that to deliver value we have to bring a real expertise in technology to our assignments and to use this expertise to deliver better productivity and solutions. there are many generalist consultancies around that can ship in bodies when it comes to the delivery of their designs - we ensure all our consultants can and will get their hands dirty when required.

we have significant exxpertise in tuning Oracle systems including Oracle Applications where we have worked alongside the Oracle development team. many of our performance enhancements to Oracle Applications code have been accepted into Oracles own development tree.

Our expertise covers most of the Oracle products, some of the main ones are listed below.

online analytical processing (OLAP)

On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is an approach that can quickly deliver answers from large sets of structured, dimensional data. Oracle now deliver a strong OLAP offering in the raltional database with powerful data manipulation in analytical workspaces (AW) and simple access via SQL and tools such as discoverer.

OLAP cubes can be used to replace simple start schemas for large data sets or as a migration path from you existing investment in systems such as OFA and OSA.

business intelligence (BI)

we can provide you with simple tools to access data from e-Business Suite or any other application, or consolidate information from multiple data sources into one repository to give you a single view of your corporate data.

we can define simple or sophisticated end user query environments using Oracle Discoverer, BI beans, Excel front ends or your choise of query tool such as Business Objects. our partners can provide expertise in other tools such as Hyperion or Cognos if required.

data warehousing

we can build your data warehouse using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), our own custom warehouse engine or your preference of tools. we have the skills to determine the appropriate storage methods for your data whether simple star schemas, materialised views or OLAP structures.


we have experience of Java and JDeveloper and are happy to deploy solutions based on EJB, BI Beans or other related technologies.


we will undertake logical and physical database design, physical architecture specification and installation of the dbms. most systems perform well after installation, it is often only after a couple of years of accumulating history that systems start to slow - we can help with performance monitoring, archiving and tuning of the logical and physical database, code or the server platform.

oracle financial analyzer

oracle financial analyzer (ofa) is a powerful tool for analysing multidimensional financial data. It includes a standard interface to the Oracle e-Business Suite GL but can be used with other non-Oracle data sources. OFA is most likely to be used as an addition to Oracle GL where it is a superior replacement for FSGs and is very simple to deploy.

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