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Latest EPB Position

Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

the latest staus of oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting.

the latest EPB maintenance pack is ZPB.B rollup patch G - see metalink note 304853.1

EPB patch G

EPB patch F1

EPB patch F

EPB patch E


Last Updated : 16-Apr-2007->->

7/10/04 - Updated to reflect Metalink changes for release of EPB

6/9/04 - Updated to reflect comments at Oracle Openworld. Release date end of Sep, no GL Writeback of budgets.

Release Date

EPB is now available as part of release 11.5.10 of Oracle Applications. A patch for 11.5.9 will be released at a later date.

Release Phasing

The Oracle position on a phased release of the product keeps changing. It is still not clear whether migration tools will be included in the initial release of the product, latest 'opinion' from inside Oracle is that the tools are being used at beta sites and will be included in the inital relase..

Oracle are talking of a further release of the product, currently this is expected to include more hooks into the system, such as the ability to link OLAP DML (Express SPL as was) or PL/SQL into the product. Hopefully this will follow the open interface standards elsewhere in the eBusiness Suite. The second release is also expected to include the ability to write budgets back to the GL which is a fairly major omission from the first release (there are a couple of ways to achive budget writeback but they do involve bespoke coding).

Applications Versions

EPB can still be installed as a free standing tool, it does not need to integrate with Oracle Applications although this does add a lot of value. EPB will ship as a patch to 11.5.9 and as an integral part of 11.5.10. EPB will not be back ported to 11.5.8 or earlier releases, customers who cannot migrate from these versions will have to implement EPB as a standalone tool.

OFA Support and Licenses

OFA will continue to receive error correction support through to the end of 2006, with extended support to the end of 2008. OFA licenses should convert into EPB licenses.

OFA Migration

Migration tools are included with OFA but will not be point and click. Upgrade to EPB will be a long way from OFA version upgrades and most sites should consider the 'opportunity' to re-implement.

Marianne Slight provided some more details of the migration utilities at the UK OUG Reporting Tools and BIW event on 18th March. There will be a migration process which will require some decisions to be made in advance about how EPB is to be implemented. The migration process is intended to migrate most objects from OFA including users, reports, worksheets and models, there will however be limitations although no firm details were available. Express SPL code will not be migrated to EPB as release one will lack the hooks for integrating pure express code although these are expected to follow in a later release.

The first part of the migration exercise will be a 'questionnaire' to determine what types of EPB objects you wish to create and how your current OFA objects map to these new EPB objects. The second phase of the migration will look to convert these object types over to EPB.

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